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Your company’s success originates with your vision. Making that vision concrete is literally what Oliver Construction Incorporated (OCI) can do for you. The notes you’ve jotted to yourself, your sketches of your dream dealership, what you’ve learned while visiting competitors—all of these elements and more come together to create the next big step in your corporate growth. OCI’s on-staff architects and builders work seamlessly as one, to make your vision a tangible and profitable reality.
Your inspiration is our destination. And OCI gets you there knowledgably, fairly and dependably, while delivering superior workmanship to you at competitive prices.

OCI is a full-service general contracting and construction management services company.
And when OCI says “full service,” that means we can do it all, or any portion of your upcoming
construction project. OCI easily and smoothly teams up with other construction companies and
architects, if the demands of your specific job require just a portion of our capabilities.


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