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Automotive Resources International

With requirements that included a cutting edge technology visitor center (Tech Center), a high security vault structure, and across the board standardization of corporate work spaces, completing this and new projects for this client continues to be a wonderful challenge for OCI.

Our challenge with this client is to construct space in a timely and effcient manner, based on the growth rate of their needs, in order for the client to pursue their goals, without missing a beat. The client’s requests are repeatedly met, based on our managerial capabilities, successful township coordination, which ultimately meets their needs.

Project Details

This design-build project included demolishing everything to the existing walls, all-custom millwork, doors, frames and fixtures, a multi-tiered ceiling, metallic automotive paint column covers, recessed base throughout, hardwood and granite floors, and curved walls — as part of the complete renovation process.

  • Clients: Corporate Offices, Tech Center and Security Vault
  • Location: South Jersey (various client office locations)
  • Area : 365,000 sf