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Burlington Chevrolet

Burlington Chevrolet entails a full renovation of the entire facility to bring it to the current Chevrolet/GM brand standards for an improved environment for both customers and employees. The dated appearance and design of the showroom was modified by removal of portions of the building and a new vehicle delivery space was added. The full building façade is being updated to include new metal panels on the parapet and Entry Element, energy efficient windows and frames are replacing existing throughout, split-face CMU is being used for the shop and EIFS to finish off the remainder of the building. The interior alterations include the renovation of all customer touch points, updating office and support locations and improving the service shop to include all new equipment and even air conditioning for the service technicians.

Oliver Construction began the renovation and has been overcoming the numerous hurdles encountered with existing facilities and the challenges involved in bringing the dated design up to modern standards not just for imaging, but also for electrical service and service shop capacities to create the ultimate facility for the client and customer.

The renovations should improve the customer’s perception and experience as well as the efficiency of the dealership sales, parts, and service staff. By meeting and exceeding the GM dealership design requirements, Burlington Chevrolet will be at the forefront of dealerships in the area.

Project Details

This design-build project included demolishing everything to the existing walls, all-custom millwork, doors, frames and fixtures, a multi-tiered ceiling, metallic automotive paint column covers, recessed base throughout, hardwood and granite floors, and curved walls — as part of the complete renovation process.

  • Clients: Automobile Dealership
  • Location : Burlington, New Jersey
  • Area : 24,700 sf