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Manderbach Ford & Manderbach Collision Center

The 3rd generation Dealership Manderbach Family purchased 12.9 acres in Hamburg, PA, just less than 12 miles northwest of their current Ford Facility.  Given Oliver Construction, Inc.’s (OCI’s} track record and history with this type of project, the Ford Motor Company recommended OCI for this project.  The Manderbach’s had been working with a site engineer and the Township for land development approvals for a year.  OCI stepped in to assist and accelerate the process.

OCI was hired to design and build the new 46,732 SF Ford Dealership and a 16,500 SF Collision Center at this location.  This includes a new Showroom, Offices, Second Floor Offices accessible by elevator for Administration, a Dual Service Drive, New Car Delivery, 5 Bay Quick Lane Service Area, Parts Service/Storage and Delivery complete with a second floor parts area that is accessible with an internal conveyor, a Tech Lunchroom and wash facilities as well as all of the infrastructure to and throughout a new site facility.  All new infrastructure and utilities will brought to the site.  Site work also includes a new road way and pedestrian walk from the Township Building to the next site, essentially the entire length of the property.

Ford’s newest version design standards, and sign package are implemented at the facility.  A new digital pylon sign along the Rt 61 allows passersby to not only observe the beautiful new facility; it keeps them updated on the many wonderful offers the Manderbach’s exhibit daily.

Project Details

Started: May, 2017
Completion: December 2018

  • Client: Manderbach Ford & Manderbach Collision
  • Location: Hamburg, PA