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BMW Car Wash of Mount Laurel

Adding amenities for Customer satisfaction is one of Holman Automotive’s strengths.  At the recently purchased BMW Dealership in Mt. Laurel, NJ, Holman Automotive decided they wanted to add a state of the art car wash facility in order to deliver the high quality driving machine to their customers in the fastest and best possible manner.

Based on the many projects Oliver Construction, Inc. (OCI) had already provided to Holman Automotive over the years, they looked to OCI to design and build a 1,240 SF car wash operated by a dedicated technician, to clean a new car upon purchase, as well as a car which has just been serviced.

OCI searched and found the split face block originally used on the existing Dealership to match the car wash as though it has always been part of the facility.  Additional dryers were added to the tunnel car wash length to ensure a complete process.  Windows were installed to allow light in as well as have the potential to observe the wash in process.  Washing and drying of towels is included in the facility.  Site work, engineering, Township approvals permitting, design, construction and CO were all part of the deliverables provided to Holman Automotive by Oliver Construction, Inc.

BMW of Mount Laurel Elevation (proposed)

BMW of Mount Laurel Elevation

  • Clients: BMW of Mount Laurel
  • Location: Mount Laurel, NJ